Busy Week & Notes to Self

It has been a fantastic, inspiring and creative week. Beginning this new blog feels like I have allowed my ideas to foster – Exploring ideas and connecting to the world in this way, makes me feel me soul :)

My checklist:
-Good start to my blog: topics, content, formatting, good look and feel.

To do’s:
Create a personalized banner for the top.
-Add photos and graphics to pages to spruce things up.
-Artist category: add artist links page.
-Glutamate category: add glutamate links and videos.
-Create a routine for posting in each category (2x per week posts on art blog, weekly recipe submission, etc.)
-Connect the blog to the outside world, re: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, networking sites/events.

About fromroots2sky

Visual artist, background in psychology, mental/physical health & well-being; interests in life-skills, family & community. In pursuit for: WYSIWUG
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