My Art Resources

This is my personal list of art resources below.

If you have books, magazines, and online resources that you are your personal favourites…post them in the comments section below, so others can see!!!

Books About Acrylics and Painting Techniques

  • Acrylic Revolution: New tricks & techniques for working with the world’s most versatile medium. By Nancy Reyner.
  • Color Mixing For Artists: Minimum colors for maximum effect, using watercolours, acrylics and oils. By J. Lidzey, J. Mirza, N. Harris, and J. Galton.
  • Color Mixing Recipes For Portraits: More than 500 Color Combinations for Skin, Eyes, Lips, and Hair.  Featuring Oil and Acrylic – Plus a Special Section for Watercolor.  By William F. Powell.
  • All About techniques in Acrylics: An indispensable manual for artists.  By Barron’s Education Series.
  • The New Acrylics: Complete guide to the new generation of acrylic paints.  By Rheni Tauchid.
  • The Acrylic Book: A comprehensive resource for artists.  By Liquitex.

Books about drawing, nature, and textiles etc…

  • The Basics of Drawing (Drawing Academy).  Barron’s Education Series.
  • Green Guide For Artists: Nontoxic recipes, green art ideas & resources for eco-concious artists.  By Karen Michel.
  • Simple Sewing with a French Twist.  By Céline Dupuy.
  • 500 Art Quilts: An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work.  By Lark Books.
  • Quilting Essentials: An Instructional Guide To Quilting.
  • …And many nature reference books too!

  • FibreARTS
  • AppliedARTS
  • Artful Blogging

    Art Supplies & Online Resources
  • Wallack’s Art Supply Store (Website)
  • DeSerres (Website)
  • The National Gallery of Canada (Website)
  • Cybermuse: Your Art Education Resource Site (Website) This is a fantastic site created by the National Gallery of Canada!

    Networking and Artist Business Information
  • CARFAC Ontario (Website)
  • Artengine (Website); Artengine has a public mailing list that you can subscribe to by email for free!
  • OCRI’s Entrepreneurship Centre (Website).  Their speaker, artist Paul Portelli workshops are very informative!

    Fun Art Projects for Children and Up!
  • Cybermuse: Your Art Education Resource Site (Website) This is a fantastic site created by the National Gallery of Canada!  I mentioned it again, because it is that fantastic!
  • The Great Big ART Activity Book: Your ultimate step-by-step guide to creating amazing art.  By New Burlington Books.
  • Canon: Paper Crafts! (Website)

Institutions and Organizations that have Art Classes/Workshops

  • University of Ottawa
  • Ottawa School of Art
  • National Gallery of Canada
  • Spins & Needles

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