Monosodium & Commercial Glutamate Resource

A resource guide for people with glutamate sensitivities: Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other manufactured glutamates.

My mother did not know why a child my age would get headaches.  Her thoughts were, “She’s three!  Three-year olds shouldn’t get headaches!”  She took me to visit my pediatrician, Dr. Naidoo.  He advised my mom to prepare my meals from ‘scratch’ and the headaches will go away…and sure enough they did!
However, I began to experience MSG-like episodes again in my late twenties.  I noticed my health was declining in 2008.  My doctors, nor I could put our finger on it for over a year.  In the summer of 2009, I discovered, with the help from my my partner, Steffen (my science-man), some new labels for other commercial glutamates.

This resource is here to inform consumers about flavouring enhancers, to share helpful information, recipes, links and peer support.  If you have some helpful information or recipes to share with others, please blog here!

Disclaimer: This blog is only a resource, if you have further questions, contact your doctor for further information.

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