Symptoms…not everyone has the same symptoms.  I have read a variety of symptoms that people have reported.  From skin flushes, fatigue, dizziness, abdominal weight gain, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, poor emotion regulation and migraine headaches.
Here is a detailed description of my symptoms, after I accidentally consume any of the following ingredients: MSG, hydrolyzed plant protein, autolyzed yeast extract, barley malt extract, yeast culture and vegetarian natural flavours (which I found out from the company, that the main ingredient was autolyzed yeast extract).

Within 10-15min: “Feeling” my eyelids are swollen (not actually swollen).

Within the hour: My eyes become glazed and dazed. There is no sparkle or light in my eyes. My cheeks, above my eyebrows and the sides of my face near the ears feels pressure.
I find it difficult to concentrate or converse in a conversation. My words get mangled, placed in a different sequence. I find that drinking water can help, but it does not stop the allergy response from occurring, it just gives me some more time and I am not able to drink/eat anything once the migraine sets in.

Within 1-4 hours: The migraine. Since I am now aware and can notice a few early symptoms, I can better manage the migraine.  However, I found that I must take the Advil beforehand the migraine sets in. (Note: the advil does not get rid of the headache, it just seems to take the edge off the migraine).  I still find relief my wrapping a pillow around my head.

Over the next 2 days (for 36-48hours): Migraine, watery eyes, body is weak and exhausted. I sometimes get a fever up to 102degreesF.  I don’t eat, drink…just sleep.

By day 3: I find it difficult to interact, listen to the radio or converse with others or read. It makes me feel nauseous and dizzy.  Although, watching a little TV seems to be ok and entertaining for a few hours during the day.

By day 4: I am able to get back to work or other activities. I do not feel completely restored, as my body and brain are still exhausted, but I can move and perform tasks again.

By day-5: I feel back to my normal self more-or-less.

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