Jak’s Kitchen

The chefs and waitress at Jak’s Kitchen were fantastic.  They were able to advise me what dishes they could make from scratch with no commercial seasoning and spices.  The flavour and meal was delicious.

Located: 479 Bronson Avenue Ottawa, ON – (613) 230-2088.

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The Works

The Works beef, organic beef, chicken and elk burgers are prepared without manufactured seasonings or spices.  There are many different types of topping to choose from, just take a peak at their menu.

My favourite burgers are their Richmond Road (ask for no curry mayo) and SK8R Boy.

Ask for plain fries (regular potato or sweet potato)
If you get a side salad, substitute dressing with lemon wedges and add salt/pepper to taste.

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Starbucks Sells ‘Food Should Taste Good Chips’

The best chips ever! We were in Chapters bookstore the other day and saw that they were selling small bags of Food Should Taste Good chips.  Flavours: Sweet Potato and Multigrain.

Also, they sell what I call, cracker and veggie snack packs.  [Multigrain crackers, cheese and fruit].

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Food Should Taste Good

The best multigrain chips ever! Lime and Jalapeno are my favourites.  Visit Food Should Taste Good

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My MSG/Glutamate Episode and Symptoms

Within 10-15min: “Feeling” my eyelids are swollen (not actually swollen).

Within the hour: My eyes become glazed and dazed. There is no sparkle or light in my eyes. My cheeks, above my eyebrows and the sides of my face near the ears feels pressure.
I find it difficult to concentrate or converse in a conversation. My words get mangled, placed in a different sequence. I find that drinking water can help, but it does not stop the allergy response from occurring, it just gives me some more time and I am not able to drink/eat anything once the migraine sets in.

Within 1-4 hours: The migraine. Since I am now aware and can notice a few early symptoms, I can better manage the migraine.  However, if I found that I must take the Advil beforehand the migraine sets in. (Note: the advil does not get rid of the headache, it just seems to take the edge off the migraine).  I still however, find relief my wrapping a pillow around my head.

Over the next 2 days (for 36-48hours): Migraine, watery eyes, body is weak and exhausted. I sometimes get a fever up to 102degreesF.  I don’t eat, drink…just sleep.

By day 3: I find it difficult to interact, listen to the radio or converse with others or read. It makes me feel nauseous and dizzy.  Although, watching a little TV seems to be ok and entertaining for a few hours during the day.

By day 4: I am able to get back to work or other activities. I do not feel completely restored, as my body and brain are still exhausted, but I can move and perform tasks again.

By day-5: I feel back to my normal self more-or-less.

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Glutamate Labels

– Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
– Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein or Hydrolyzed Protein (such as yam extract, beet extract, soy extract, corn extract, barley extract, malt extract etc; anchovy extract)

– Autolyzed yeast extract (sometimes labelled vegetarian natural flavours ie: Tofurky products for sure, I called the company and they were helpful and provided me with the information I needed).

– Yeast extract, yeast culture, torula yeast

– Disodium inosinate
– Disodium guanylate

Glutamate can also be labeled under other labels such as:
(For example: it may contain autolyzed yeast extract.)
-Natural Flavors
-Vegetarian natural flavors
1) Foods to watch out for:
Prepared stocks/stock cubes or bouillon cubes; condiments ie: barbecue sauce and salad dressings; canned, frozen, or dried prepared food; common snacks ie: flavoured jerky, flavoured potato chips (crisps) and flavoured tortilla chips; and seasoning mixtures.
2) Beauty products to watch out for:
Face creams, shampoo’s and conditioners.
*There are more ingredients on other websites, go to books & links to review other ingredients.  The ingredients above are the one’s I am currently familiar.
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Banana-Mango Chocolate Cream Pie (Raw Vegan, Gluten Free)

Raw Vegan Pie

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Welcome to “FromRoots2Sky”

Welcome to my blog.  This blog is an attempt to organize my interests and share information that is important to me and perhaps might be of some interest to others.  To imagine the amount of scraps of paper I have collected could actually be logged online is incredible!

Thank-you WordPress.

Nicole Beaumont

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